We design for the US since 2014 when we got involved in an ambitious residential project, an eco-compatible Mountain residence located inside one of the largest Ski Resorts of America on the Summit of Powder Mountain, Utah.

The incredible views open 360° on three American States enchanted us and since then we have been designing a variety of projects in the same resort.

Thanks to a flexible organization that involves local consultants and engineers and thanks to the presence of OBQ, licensed company for the Obicua Brand in the US, we deliver unique design for high end residences with an Italian touch.


Work spaces

We design work-spaces and corporate offices with innovative architectural solution as an added value to the Company brand.


Residential spaces

We design homes and residences of any kinds for a contemporary lifestyle, with care for the detail and a custom-made approach....


Retail spaces

We design trendy commercial spaces with a focus on the leisure industry and the retail, from the small boutique to the large flagsh...

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