Colony 329

At White Pine Lodge – Park City – Utah

The home is a 13.000 Square Feet monument to the Mountains of Utah. It is designed as a solid stone’s stratification emerging from the ground that stands on the mountain slope over Park City.

The architecture of the house is shaped in order to maximize the open views thorough all directions, on the South side towards the valley and on the norther fronts on the mountain’s summits. The core block with the entry and the grand room is surrounded by 4 other space units that angled on diverse directions and facing the panorama’s focal elements.

The home is partitioned into a series of sections by tall stone and exposed concrete walls that are the architectural motif of the design.

The two stories building is elevated by taking advantage of the grade. The entry front is one story only while the Sothern side has a two story elevations. This home front hosts a wide stone porch with amenities, the pool, the fire-pit and large glass facades that allow the direct sun light into the double height interior spaces.

The main floor hosts the living rooms, the kitchens, the main suites, a study, while the lower floor is dedicated to the family rooms, the play room, other guest- bedrooms and a spa.

Location / park city

Year / 2023

Client / Keller young luxury homes

Stage / architectural design

Surface / 1300 sum

Team di Progetto

Design Team / OBICUA srl stp, AMB design

Image credits / @OBICUA