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OBICUA is an International, award-winning firm, based in Rome, Milan and Salt Lake City.

The team is involved in a variety of projects worldwide that go from small to large scale. OBICUA’ s design is inspired by the context, both historic and environmental and aims to be the continuation of the Italian tradition in design excellence.

Our work is strongly influenced by the Past and committed to the Future, always aspiring to the ideal of Beauty as opportunity to improve humanity’s life quality.

We believe that good design shall be thoughtful of the inhabitants and of the natural environment while being tailored on the clients needs.

Our History

Obicua was established in 2008 as an Architecture Partnership between Lucia Catenacci, Massimiliano Brugia and Valerio Campi, all with M.Arch in Architecture at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Faculty of Architecture  “Vallegiulia”.

Since the very early projects the firms gained International recognitions and was published on Architecture and Design Magazines, with publications translated in more that 10 languages and edited in several countries worldwide.

In 2010 Bicuadro Architects was elected as “Best Young Italian Architects” of the year and participated in relevant lectures in Universities and museums such as the MAXXI Museum of Contemporary Art  in Rome.

In 2012 Bicuadro joined “The Venice Biennale” and had one its design, 1st Prize winner in an International competition, exhibited at the Malaysia pavilion.

Who We Are


Lucia Catenacci / Architect

Massimiliano Brugia / Architect

Valerio Campi / Architect

Lucia Catenacci

Architect, O.A.P.P. Rome, IT / Partner BICUADRO ARCHITECTURE S.r.l. S.t.p

Lucia Catenacci joined BICUADRO ARCHITECTS in 2011 and in the same year became Partner.

Her “cursus honorum” includes the graduation in the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Faculty of Architecture Vallegiulia, a position as project architect at Costa and Partners LLP; subsequently, in Padova IT, project manager for healtcare buildings at STEAM S.r.l.

This position allowed her to acquire strong organizational skills and high-tech design solutions that she brought in BICUADRO’ structure.

Besides the management role for complex projects and the organization of the Rome’s office, she is focused on the technological aspects of the design and gives her great contribution in translating BICUADRO’s innovative designs into feasible buildings.

Massimiliano Brugia

Architect, O.A.P.P. Roma, IT / Partner BICUADRO ARCHITECTURE S.r.l. S.t.p

Massimiliano Brugia is a founding partner of BICUADRO ARCHITECTS. After his graduation at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Faculty of Architecture Vallegiulia, moved to New York City and joined Rietveld Architects LLP, where he worked in the design staff for large scale projects and high-rise.

In 2008 Massimiliano moved back to Italy and founded Bicuadro Architects together with his partners, leading the firm to challenging projects and later to the internationalization of the company.

He is focused in sustainability and inside the firm’s structures is responsible for the project’s concept philosophy. He is also project manager and follows his client from the early stage of the design until full completion.

Valerio Campi

Architect, O.A.P.P. Roma, IT / Partner BICUADRO ARCHITECTURE S.r.l. S.t.p

Valerio Campi is founder and partner of BICUADRO ARCHITECTS. He graduated at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Faculty of Architecture Vallegiulia and started his career as designer at Farcomeni Associates LLP, Rome based firm specialized in high-end residential and luxury mansions.

Valerio has a creative approach to both architecture and interior design and besides being in charge for project management and responsible for marketing and media, he contributes to the design process by focusing on innovative ideas and concepts.

He signed some of the most challenging projects from BICUADRO where “iconicity” as characteristic of buildings as landmark was crucial in the design guideline.


Giselle de Mincis

/ Associate at Milan Office

Jessica Petracci

/ Senior Architect

Sofia Tsagadopoulou

/ Senior Architect

Camilla Maresca

/ Senior Architect

Kubra Ozer

/ Architect

Sinem Çuhadar

/ Architect

Ecem Oktay

/ Junior Architect

Angelo Di Pietro

/ Junior Architect

Sara Rosato

/ Junior Architect

Giacomo Girone

/ 3d Artist

Chiara Basile

/ Account

Our Factory

The Factory is not only an Architecture office. Beside being the firm’s architectural Manifesto it is designed to become a place both for architects, designers and artists where these diciplines are supposed to contaminates each other. The place was an old Alfa Romeo cars factory into a dismissed manufacturing area right out of Rome, built in the sixties on top of the ancient roman “Via Flaminia”, consular way of access to the city from North, used from thousand of years during the empire and ove