Residence in Powder Mountain

This private residence is designed to be a comfortable mountain vacation home for a family with kids and is inspired to the traditional for of the the Italian Alps’s “Malghe” in contemporary reinterpretation. A podium with exposed concrete walls hosts the common living space. On top of it there are located two semi-independent volumes with pitched roof that host the bedrooms and bunks. The volumes are connected together with a glass bridge. Corten steel cladding is set side by side to the exposed concrete. Both materials would be weathered with the time, providing a natural look to the exteriors elevations of the home, therefore connecting the house with the surrounding natural environment of the mountain.

Wide glass surfaces are set back from the main facade in order to keep it protected by the rain and snow fall. The glazing transmits the mild natural sun light through the interior spaces during the wintertime for a warm-cozy light effect.

Location / Salt Lake City

Year / 2019

Client / Summit

Stage / Design

Lot area / 600 sqm

Team di Progetto

Design Team / OBICUA s.r.l. s.t.p.

Image credits / OBICUA