“The Nest”

A new Nest’s concept for the snowboarders.

The design consists in taking advantage of the natural slope of the terrain in order to maximize the panoramic view to the valley and to use solar radiation to increase the heating performances of the interior spaces, providing natural daylighting and ensuring the guest’s privacy.
The main idea is to work on the orientation of the building to implement sustainabilty and to produce an high integration between interior and landscape. The plot access is from a common walkway on the southside and the building is located on a slope facing the valley on the northern side. The best orientation for solar gain is South while the optimum for the view is North.
That is why we propose a cylindrical shell that:
1- allows to integrate view’s needs with optimal energy performances by opening up to the valley’s panoramia while sun’s rays are filtered by tall windows oriented to South and a skylight on the roof.
2- is set into the landscape as a compact element to minimize the impact on the natural environment.
We believe that the vocation of a mountain “Nest” is to be a unique and warm place where to spend some time contemplating the beauty of the place.
The cylindrical volume allows to perceive the interior as a dynamic complex space with living, dining and night areas.
A double height between the living and the sleeping area upstairs implements the feeling of “a whole” space.

Location / Eden, Utah – USA

Year / 2014

Client / Corporate Summit

Stage / Schematic Design

Lot area / 150 sqm

Team di Progetto

Design Team / OBICUA as BICUADRO architecture srl stp

Image credits / ©BICUADRO @OBICUA