"La Scatola" - Obicua

Obicua S.r.l
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“La Scatola”

La Scatola is a vessel for contemporary design. Here, sophisticated simplicity is the definition of luxury. This 1955 remodel has been given new life as Salt Lake City’s first look into the world of contemporary Italian architecture. From the exterior shape to the interior layout, the quality of the materials to the expertise of the artisans, every detail was thought of, designed, and realized with the intent to bring Italy to the US Highlights This home is an architectural fusion that combines thoughtful European design and attention to detail with American luxury living. As a remodel, the home gained an additional 1,000 SF dedicated to an expansive master suite while all other spaces in the home were optimized to create a spacious feel. The design team worked directly with over 15 Italian brands and artisans to remain within the budget and space constraints while maintaining architectural integrity.

Location / Salt Lake City

Year / 2021

Client / Private

Incarico / Interior Design

Area / 500 sqm

Project Team

Designers / OBICUA srl stp, La Fucina

photo credits / la Fucina