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OBICUA ha presentato il suo progetto “green therapy” all’interno di NEW RETAIL EXPERIENCE by PLATFORM for HOMI. Read

OBICUA @ biennale di Venezia 2021

OBICUA’s partners, Valerio Campi, Lucia Catenacci and Massimiliano Brugia will be present at the Venice Biennale as guests of Casa Platform. Read

LA SCATOLA presented at Salt lake city HOME PARADE

LA SCATOLA by OBICUA Architects will be part of the SALT LAKE CITY PARADE OF HOMES 2021, the city’s builders’ fair. The SALT LAKE CITY PARADE OF HOMES 2021 is an event where every year the major builders and home owners of extraordinar... Read

ufficio in black and white e titolo articolo in nero

Everything starts with workplace design

One of the most debated topics during and after the coronavirus emergency was about getting back to the office. Rethinking the workspace to guarantee all the measures imposed by the emergency and, at the same time, to stimulate creativity and dial... Read

immagine bianca e nera con libri e banner bianco titolo

5 books on architecture to bring at the beach

There are no doubts. The most common research on Google this summer is related with books. Which books? The ones to bring under the umbrella at the beach.  In fact, taking a break on holiday can be the way to find out new inspirations. If it’s tru... Read

Cupola in bianco e nero

Design trends: what to choose to keep updated

Covid emergency has made people appreciate outdoor life. In doing so, people realized the importance of having their own outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces and balconies. Design trends for 2020 moved in this sense and, in general, aim at rec... Read

disegno architettonico con titolo articolo in bianco e nero

How to find inspiration: tips and tricks architect-proof

Many wonders where architects take ideas and how they can convert them into projects. Inspiration is a good starting point. It can be born from actually everything: from books, passing by magazines, to conversations with clients. Every confrontati... Read

bianco e nero

How to make a city eco-friendly?

Covid-19 emergency made us face, among the many issues, the one of rethinking our way of living. This includes replanning public and private spaces in order to maintain the new measures of social distancing. With a view of redesigning cities maybe... Read


La soluzione per la riapertura delle spiagge  arriva dal  design italiano e conquista il mondo Cupole seafriendly e l’estate da vivere in spiaggia  non è più un lontano miraggio grazie al meglio del design e creatività made in Italy.  L’idea arriv... Read

Render Cupole copertina Panorama con titolo bianco e nero

Cupola on Panorama – 06/05/2020

Summer is coming but it will have a new face. Rethinking the spaces, public and private, will be the first step to restart after covid-19 emergency. Valerio Campi, co-founder of Obicua, interviewed by Panorama, has explained the project Cupola. Sw... Read

Quarantine life: an architect typical day

Many wonder if the work of the architect can continue normally without being physically present on the building site. As the name of the studio Obicua suggests, following projects from all over the world made me got used to smart working, or bette... Read

Arch Marathon Miami 2020

ArchMarathon 2020 took place in Miami the 27th-28th-29th February. It is an international design competition which involves project from all over the Americas. The projects are selected by an international jury of experts. Obicua has been selected... Read


new BICUADRO office in Milan ! Read

BICUADRO at summit LA17

BICUADRO  presented its ideas for the new visionary project at powder mountain in Utah during Summit LA17 in Los Angeles. Read