Everything starts with workplace design

One of the most debated topics during and after the coronavirus emergency was about getting back to the office.

Rethinking the workspace to guarantee all the measures imposed by the emergency and, at the same time, to stimulate creativity and dialogue could seem a wild-goose chase.

First of all, an office design should be thought in accordance with the main tasks and functions of the company. In fact, the spaces are designed to improve the working conditions and to make the employees feel comfortable.

Obicua designed many workspaces worldwide, taking into consideration not only the spaces available but also the main characteristics of the company which commissioned the work.

In fact, some offices design aimed at inspiring and improving creativity, such as the one of Pardgroup spa which is a marketing company, others at showing professionality with space for innovation as the Headquarter of Fintecna in Rome.


Below are some tips every architect should follow to design a workspace which stimulate productivity.


  • Open space to feel more comfortable


Open spaces are definitely the main trend in office design although the emergency situation we faced, pushed us to rethink them in a safer way. Open plan offices stimulate the sharing of ideas and the background noise make employees feel more at ease. Obviously, every person is different so it’s a good idea to consider silent areas where people can focus. In addition, even in open spaces it is a good practice to provide a meeting room to grant some privacy. Open plan design can be rethought in the light of social distancing, introducing glass dividers between desks. 


  • Comfortable furniture to help productivity


It’s sure that providing comfortable and ergonomic furniture boosts productivity. In fact, if the employee feels comfortable all day in his own workstation, he is more likely to stay focused all the working day. Moreover, good and ergonomically-designed chairs and tables help in reducing injuries (and in consequences absences) and make the employee feel someone’s care about his/her health.


  • Encourage natural light


According to a research from Harvard Business review declares that natural light improves productivity and reduces eye strains and headache, respectively 51% and 63%.

In particular, big windows and reflective surfaces keep the employee in contact with the surrounding environment, stimulating creativity. If you are not lucky to have a nice view from the office, it has been suggested to resort to green design.


  • Breakouts areas to stimulate creativity


Coffee break is often a moment to discuss. That’s why breakouts areas should be tempting and relaxing. Since colors stimulate creativity, it’s a good practice to paint the walls of common areas with colors which boosts inspiration. Also the furniture should be chosen to guarantee relaxation and encourage the sharing of ideas as we did in designing Obicua office in Rome.


  • Don’t forget the correct instructions


In the particular period we are facing, it cannot be missing a special point regarding the security measures from social distancing to the correct hygiene.It’s important to design a workplace where people feel safe. For this reason, when an architect finds himself having to design an office, he has to foresee imposed paths, lighting design measures, disinfectant dispensers and spaced stations. This will guarantee to make people feel comfortable as they will feel safe first.