Pantaleo – Food Wine Mixology

Pantaleo, an elegant living-room between sacred and profane.

Pantaleo, the new restaurant signed by OBICUA, is located in the Renaissance heart of Rome, between Piazza Navona and Corso Vittorio, and brings together the sacred, with the effigy of S. Pantaleone by Leonardo Spina and the profane with his ability to be a social meeting point for the Romans.

Pantaleo offers a whole new dining format that has been designed to emphasize some simple and strong concepts at the same time as sharing, luxury, good drinking, and good cooking, which expound in the great central element that combines various souls of the restaurant in one heart. A large iron and concrete social table, overlaid by a red chandelier, entirely crafted, covering its entire length, contrasts with the velvet of the armchairs creating a style never seen before: a place that is at the same time ” keep restaurant “and” mixology bar “.

The colours that dominate the environment are a modern declination of precious purple red, used on soft and warm materials such as velvet, contrasting with cement and iron, cold materials and much sharper than the furnishings.

The showcases, the bar counter, the show-cooking area, the walls of the mezzanine and the “cellar” are embellished with a regular vertical scanning of brass strips, underline the unconventional luxury concept present throughout the premises.

The downstairs is thought to be an intimate wine tasting cellar: the original vaulted ceilings and soft lights contribute to making the modern and ancient atmosphere at the same time. A round tasting table made of burnished iron, unique in its genre, is the characterizing element.

A new design heart bearing the name of a saint, but sanctifying good drinking and good food, therefore beats the center of Rome.

Location / Roma

Year / 2017

Client / La Mangiatoia srl

Stage / Progettazione preliminare, progettazione definitiva ed esecutiva, direzione lavori

Lot area / 210 mq

Team di Progetto

Design Team / @OBICUA srl stp

Image credits / ©Luigi Filetici