Industrial Chic residence

170 square meters of comfort and elegance in the heart of Rome.

A double level penthouse located in the north zone of the city connected by a staircase full of light: this is the layout of a 170 square meter apartment with three bedrooms and three bathrooms.
The design is at the same time minimal and cozy, featured by the use of the typical industrial style materials combined with design elements. The sensation of comfort that permeates the living room, also due to the presence of a gas fireplace covered with burnished iron, recalls the typical relaxed situations of the luxury boutique hotels. All the elements show the same limited chromatic range leaded by the combination of wooden floor with strong gray veins and white walls with no frames and moldings. A strong impact comes from the “unfinished” wall of the living room and from the industrial concrete uded to replace tiles and mosaics and also for the fixed furniture design.

The wooden staircase that rises on the wall is invaded by light throught the sapient use of a solar chimney. “Industrial” elements like the wooden panel mounted on an iron rail that divides the living room from the kitchen and the combined use of concrete and wood flooring give a very strong character to the apartment

Location / Rome | Italy

Year / 2015

Client / Private

Stage / Design & Build

Surface / 170 sqm

Team di Progetto

Design Team / OBICUA srl stp as BICUADRO architects

Image credits / @OBICUA @BICUADRO