Headquarter Pardgroup

An “Unconventional” place to marry the philosophy of a leader in Field Marketing.

In 2017 inaugurates the new headquarters of Pardgroup Scarl in Milan, in an area of ​​great development and transformation of the city, in the most peripheral part of the area of ​​Porta Romana, former factory area now cult area.

The BICUADRO project, strongly marked by the brand of the company and its values, has maintained the characteristic industrial aspect of the space of about 1100 sqm, while making it functional to the needs of the customer. With the creation of elevated planes along a strip that runs through the entire rectangular surface, the dual effect of articulation of spaces and the exploitation of solar irradiation through the large ribbon windows has been achieved.

Open-space venues, executive management offices and meeting rooms alternate on the upstairs 45 meter long platform to better capture the light, while the part at zero is used for socialization, hospitality, and services. A large room, directly connected to the entrance area, has been kept free for a flexible and multifunctional use.

Industrial materials such as cement and black iron are matched to the transparency of the glass and the yellow side of the footboard, entirely made of wood with integrated staircases, ramps and cabinets.

As a filter between spaces, a dense vegetation has been used which also has the task of increasing the internal comfort of the users.

Location / Milano

Year / 2017

Client / Pardgroup scarl.

Stage / Progettazione architettonica e direzione lavori

Lot area / 1200 mq

Team di Progetto

Design Team / OBICUA come BICUADRO architecture srl. stp., Akitek Rekabina sdn. bhd.

Image credits / ©Luigi Filetici