Flaminio Home

An apartment in Rome between history and design.

In the Casa Flaminio interior project we have given the right value to the continuous dialogue between art and design, obtaining a “timeless” result with an essential and minimalist taste. The inspiration was provided by timeless materials and furnishings that have marked the history of Italian design and which guarantee an indissoluble bond between past and present.

The apartment, located in the heart of Rome, a few steps from Piazza del Popolo, enjoys a particular luminosity thanks to its height and exposure. Light, natural and artificial, conditions the project by caressing the surfaces, which reflect it in different ways.
Each material, from the grit of the floor to the striped wood of the boiserie, from the extra glossy ceramic to the satin lime-based paint, has been chosen precisely to create a play of sensations linked to light.
The spaces of the living room and dining room are organized in a fluid way around the Infinito bookcase by Cassina, designed by Franco Albini, one of the masters of Italian design.
The house is conceived as an informal art gallery in which to admire modern and contemporary works, design pieces and family history. The soft and textural colors of the paints enhance the essential, elegantly and discreetly approaching the walnut and wallpaper coverings.

Location / Roma

Year / 2023

Client / privatoe

Stage / interior design

Surface / 140 sum

Team di Progetto

Design Team / OBICUA srl stp; Silvana del Plato

Image credits / ©Luigi Filetici