A Roman Terrace

A contemporary revisiting of a “roman terrazza” in the historic hearth of Rome.

Timber, steel and travertine stone are selected materials to compose the scenography of the intervention under the sunset Rome light. Challenge was to establish a dialog between the contemporary design of the “terrazza”and the features of Rome historic district. The interior design of the penthouse is completed by renaissance style curtains which become a filter between the interior side and the exterior terrazza. Metal platforms finished in wood float over the marble rooftop while a specific Teak finished podium hosts the fire-pit and comfortable lounge seats, vases, containers creating a feeling of en-plain air environment.

Location / Roma

Year / 2016

Client / Privato

Stage / Progettazione e direzione lavori

Lot area / 220 mq

Team di Progetto

Design Team / OBICUA come BICUADRO architecture srl. stp., Akitek Rekabina sdn. bhd.

Image credits / ©BICUADRO @OBICUA