Rosati Store

A flexible store between modernity and the italian haute couture tradition.

The store is developed on two levels: the showroom with two dressing rooms upstairs, and the haute couture area / lounge area and the warehouses downstairs. The continuous wood coating dominates the central area of the store and brings the visitor inside the shop capturing his attention.

In this central area have been located the mobile exhibitors that can give rise to different configurations depending on the needs of owners, making the entire space flexible and able to accommodate different types of events.
The long sides of the store hosts fixed exhibitors and clothes racks, each wooden shelf hosts a LED light that highlights the underlying clothes.

The materials (iron and wood) give an industrial accent to the space.

Location / Rome – ITALY

Year / 2015

Client / Private

Surface / 85 sqm

Team di Progetto

Design Team / BICUADRO Architecture srl stp

Image credits / ©BICUADRO