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Obicua S.r.l
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Obicua S.r.l
P.IVA 13118391005

Headquarter EMS Italia

The new EMS Italia headquarters in Milan.

Fluid and light spaces, white and black characterize Italian Headquarter of the Switzerland company EMS.

A minimalist project which embodies the business concept of Italian headquarter of EMS.

EMS is a Switzerland company leader in the dental care sector which desired for its Italian Headquarter a project which unified its technological soul with functional spaces with modern design.

The building, on 2 floors of about 2.000mq, which become the new headquarter, is in an area of Milan characterized by a strong industrial and technological soul.

The project, developed by OBICUA with the German firm Muller Architecture, declines in a multifunctional space, on two levels, where the glass diaphragms and the internal courtyard, spreading light and heat in the space, make the whole building live as if it were a single fluid environment.

Neutral colors such as white and black, combined with a continuous sandstone pavement, collaborate in interpreting the spaces as if they were a unicum. Red, which is the company’s color, lights the environment and gives a contrast.

Location / Milan

Year / 2020

Client / EMS

Incarico / interiore Design and Site supervision

Superficie lorda utile / 2.000 sqm

Project Team

Designers / OBICUA with Muller Architecture

Mep / IMST progetti

photo credits / ©Luigi Filetici