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Green Therapy Store

Green Therapy is the new luxury Concept Store dedicated to cannabis products created by the famous Rapper Guè Pequeno, is born in Rome. The theme of the store brings together the exotic-flavored image of Marijuana with the refinement of materials typical of a jewelry store. Cannabis is presented to the public as if it were a jewel and the store makes this contrast between elegance and transgression its leitmotif. Vintage furniture and a walnut wood paneling recall the minimalist elegance of the house of the 70s, in contrast with a wallpaper with a bright theme and colors design by Versace. The tones that dominate the space are green, in its variations, brass and wood. Green Therapy is therefore a design store that sells an innovative idea of relaxation combined with a classic concept of elegance

Location / Roma

Year / 2018

Incarico / Architectural design and supervision.

Area / 30 mq

Project Team

Designers / BICUADRO architecture srl stp

photo credits / ©Luigi Filetici

green therapy