Eden Parc Hotel

The project proposal has the general objective to build a high-tech multi-functional structure, capable of promoting the development of tourism in the region through a new architectural image that will become the symbol of Paradiso.
Together with urban feasibility considerations and functional requirements, it has been proposed the demolition of existing buildings and construction of new buildings structurally more flexible and more sustainable.

The project’s aim is to create a residential hotel and a reference point for the urban area of Paradiso, achieving a full integration between the two areas of intervention, overcoming the physical separation date from the street that crosses them and enhancing the landscape aspect of the lake as the main element of the redevelopment.

The proposed program involves the construction of four separate buildings interconnected on the two lots. The hotel is placed in the area overlooking the lake. The buildings in the inner area host the automated parking garage and a business center connected to facilities. The two entrances to the complex are as link between the buildings and consist in two supervised and equipped hall with receptions, one for the hotel and the other one that connect the area to the business center and the block services. Hotels and apart-hotels have a common hall but separate entrances. While the lobby connect longitudinally the buildings, a bridge connects transversely the two lots, beating the road axis that divides them and ensuring functional and architectural unity to the entire complex.

This functional pattern allows the complex to work for independent but interconnected areas ensuring flexibility, mobility and control.
For the parking it was assumed an automated system to minimize the volume and provide the highest technological standards.

The services that have been introduced into the program include a business center, equipped with a dedicated hall and three conference rooms. Here guests of the hotel, but not only, can be rent daily “day-office”, or hourly “instant office”, workspaces designed for a customized use, applying the complex to business center during the not touristic seasons. Other facilities are: indoor heated pool, Wellness and Fitness Center and a rooftop restaurant overlooking the lake, located on the top floor of the suspension bridge.

In order to enhance the landscape of Lugano Lake as a defining element of the new architecture of Eden Parc, it has been prepared a continuation of the walk along the- Lake, enriching it with commercial spaces on the ground floor of the new buildings, with a permeability of fruition also from the street front, all complemented by a private dock.

The innermost lot is spread across two different levels. At the lowest buildings are set back from the street front generating a pedestrian plaza, a public meeting place with a bistro-cafe area. At the top level there are outdoor parking for employees.
The strongest element of the project is its relationship with the lake.

The buildings are configured as a series of diaphragmatic sections that generate a plurality of views and reflections, by breaking down the volume of the building and highlighting the relationship with the lake.
The double-sided “skin” that covers the buildings is charged with important metaphorical connotations and technological components. It is a transparent facing with bioclimatic characteristics and energetically active.

Where the blocks are dissected from the openings arise vertical green gardens. This casing is designed to change with the seasons throught the effect of the plants life cycle.
The researched effect is the permeability of the building on the lake, in order to mitigate the environmental impact and to enhance the backward area compared to the water.

Location / Lugano

Year / 2012

Client / MZ-INNO

Stage / Concorso internazionale di progettazione su invito| secondo classificato

Lot area / 17.000 mq

Team di Progetto

Design Team / OBICUA come studio associato di architettura BICUADRO

MEP / R. Troncarelli

Structural Design / SBG & partners,

Image credits / @OBICUA @BICUADRO