House “la Marchesana”

Casa “La Marchesana”, located in the heart of Bologna, is an example of coexistence between the needs of contemporary living and living in a historic center. A black volume, inserted in the empty white of the apartment, contains in fact all the functions necessary for a modern home including the vertical connective of the house and a mezzanine \ deck that exploits its double height. All the elements of the house “fly” with their black and clean lines within irregularly medieval environments. Fine finishes and monochromatism make these places a space suspended between past and future where you can experience the present with a look at comfort and luxury.

Location / Bologna

Year / 2022

Client / private

Stage / interior design

Surface / 110 sqm

Team di Progetto

Design Team / OBICUA srl stp + arch. Savoretti

Structural Design / Arredamenti Allegrini

Image credits / @Luigi Filetici