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Quarantine life: an architect typical day

Many wonder if the work of the architect can continue normally without being physically present on the building site.

As the name of the studio Obicua suggests, following projects from all over the world made me got used to smart working, or better saying, remote working.

Video-calls entered in my life long before Coronavirus situation forced us to stay home.

But normal life has definitely changed. How? I would like to share an architect’s typical day in quarantine.

After waking up, I go to my smart working location keeping in my hand a cup of espresso coffee.

Video-calls start. Firstly, I attend conference calls with my colleagues to discuss every project we are working on in details. Then, it’s time to share ideas with my partners.

Everything seems idyllic but just because I did not mention that my cat, suddenly, jumps on my keyboard searching for cuddles.

My son is bored and wants to play but I continue checking projects before my afternoon calls.

Afternoon conferences start just after lunch. I check the building sites with the workers, first, and then I discuss with the clients about a particular project.

By the end of the day, I have changed the background for the calls twice or three times, varying from the library to the professional “white wall”.

I have also time to think about and to cut off my space in order to give birth to ideas and new projects. I get inspired in my balcony, the “quietest” place of the house.

After all, I can be ubiquitous just staying home.