"Butterfly" residential complex - Obicua

Obicua S.r.l
P.IVA 13118391005

Obicua S.r.l
P.IVA 13118391005

“Butterfly” residential complex

Colorful flower’vases are alighted onto the residences’balconies as if they were butterflies on flowers gardens and a central courtyard become a delightful place to stay.

Location / Ruichang

Year / 2015

Client / Huayan Cultural Investment Company, Ltd.

Incarico / International design competition

Area / 10.500 sqm

Project Team

Designers / OBICUA as BICUADRO architetti, O.C.R.A., 3+1, AF&Associates

Mep / hydroingea srl

Structure / SBG&Partners srl

photo credits / ©OBICUA

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