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How to find inspiration: tips and tricks architect-proof

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Many wonders where architects take ideas and how they can convert them into projects.

Inspiration is a good starting point.

It can be born from actually everything: from books, passing by magazines, to conversations with clients. Every confrontation can be useful.

What does an architect feeds on?

Inspiration, the most of the time, doesn’t come by accident but it has to be searched in many ways.

First of all, a thing which seems served is traveling. The confrontation with other cultures and styles and the openness of the mind coming from travel could be excellent clues to start a project.

A practical example of how travels inspires architectural project is Cupola. The shape of the dome is typically Italian but the structure is an evolution of camping tents used in Mongolia, where Obicua has some ongoing projects.

Secondly, books, magazines and monographs plays an important role in searching for inspiration. Seeing in concrete works,  materials combinations and color palettes gives a sprint to the creative project. And in a world that is strongly connected, social media can’t be missing in the list. One among all, Pinterest where there could be many insights especially about interiors and decorations.

Finally, the main source of inspiration is the team! Brainstorming is the fundamental moment where a project is born. Ideas, clues, reciprocal inspirations are the key to start a project intended to be successful.

And clients can be inspirational?

Sure! After all clients are always right, aren’t they?

Every client is different from the previous and, for this reason, it’s important to take measures according to his needs. Only listening to clients could be source of inspiration but also sharing images, ideas to put in mind what are his desires. Nowadays clients are always ready to collaborate with the architect and this is good.