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Design trends: what to choose to keep updated

Cupola in bianco e nero

Covid emergency has made people appreciate outdoor life.

In doing so, people realized the importance of having their own outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces and balconies.

Design trends for 2020 moved in this sense and, in general, aim at recreating, also inside the house, relaxing space where spending free time.

So which are the main outdoor design trends to follow to keep updated?


The key word for 2020 is sustainability! 

The respect for the environment is on the agenda and this also applies to design.

Design and architecture firms are specializing in realizing eco-friendly solution which can answer both to practical and stylistic needs. 

This summer trends point on furniture realized with recycled or recyclable materials or biocompatible ones. 

The most popular are wood, of which a valid alternative is bamboo, cork, linoleum (which is composed with natural materials such as linen, jute, sawdust).


If sustainability is a fundamental variant, this must be studied in accordance with practical and comfort needs. In vogue there is the philosophy of “healthy living” which aims at creating big spaces with ample seating, sofas, sunbathing structures to make the most of the outdoor areas.

This trend has caught on more and more since the lockdown. In fact, people understood the importance of designing their own outdoor spaces to have everything they need without going out.


White, beige, rope colors have always been a must in outdoor spaces. Nude colors, in general, recalls calm and relaxing feelings and are particularly suited for curtains and coating. Even if these colors have always been perfect for outdoor design solutions, this summer the real trend is  bright and gaudy color palette. Yellow, green and fantasy patterns will decorate your outdoor to give a unique look 


Although design solutions are more and more innovative , this year handmade has been rediscovered as trend in design. Handmade means originality, attention to detail and brings back to the values ​​of the traditional craftsmanship. 

Glass, pottery, wood and mending will make your outdoor space unique.


As we said in the previous point, innovation must be mixed up always with tradition to generate the right balance.

Using vintage pieces can help to give an extra touch to your garden or terrace. In addition, vintage furniture suits perfectly in a modern space, if it is organized rationally.

And if entire vintage furniture is for you a gamble, you can still bet on vintage planters or lighting to mix materials up without exaggerating.


If you desire a product which includes all the trends above mentioned to make our outdoor memorable, the solution is Cupola.

Cupola is an eco-friendly outdoor furniture whose shape makes it practical and resistant to any type of outdoor environment. It’s a Made in Italy product, conceived by Obicua and realized by Italian craftsmen. The structure made by wood or okumè is biodegradable and the coating has been studied to be breathable and composed by removable triangles to decide the quantity of light to allow to enter inside.

These are just tips to make your outdoor spaces comfortable and beautiful to the eye. But we can’t forget to measure the spaces and to find also solutions to make the most from the available area. The eye of an expert can surely help!